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Master's Thesis

As part of the Master’s examination, each student must write a Master’s thesis pursuant to § 18 of the APSO. This is a compulsory module worth 27 ECTS-Credits.

The topic for the Master’s thesis may be assigned and supervised by any full-time member or Junior Fellow (within the meaning of Art. 2 (1) BayHSchPG) of the Fakultät Wissenschaftzentrum Weihenstephan der Technische Universität München (Weihenstephan Science Centre of the Technical University of Munich) professorial faculty of the Technische Universität München. Choosing a topic is a very important part of this module. Please access a guide for students and supervisors for this process HERE.

Work on the Master’s thesis should commence after successful completion of all module examinations. The Master’s thesis is deemed completed but not passed insofar as the student, without a valid reason pursuant to § 10 (2), has not submitted the thesis.

The period of time between topic assignment and submission of the completed Master’s thesis must not exceed six months.

The Master’s thesis should be written in the English language.

Useful tips on scientific writing are available HERE.

Two hard copies of your Thesis script plus any supporting material (e.g. data on a compact disc) shall be submitted to the Examination Board for marking (in addition to any requirements made by your supervisor/s).

If the Master’s thesis is not graded with at least “sufficient” (4.0), it may be repeated once with a new topic. Students must renew their application for admission within six weeks from receipt of the grade.

Before starting your Thesis, think carefully about what you wish to research. In order to help you with this process, you need to complete a pre-authorisation sheet, which you can access HERE. Please note: this step is designed to help you meet the requirements of the program. It is no guarantee for success.

You need to register your thesis topic once you have finalised this aspect with your examiner/supervisor, using a form that can be accessed HERE.

In the event of you doing your thesis outside of the TUM (externally), you need to fill in a form that can be accessed HERE.

A guide for the Master's Thesis can be accessed HERE.

A template for the thesis' cover page can be accessed HERE.

A copy of an affidavit, which needs to accompany your thesis, can be accessed HERE.

When your examiner has marked your thesis and colloquium, s/he need to fill in a form reflecting the marks that you have acheived (please inform her/him of this obligaiton), which can be accessed HERE.

A copy of the Thesis module description can be accessed HERE.

An overview of the Master's Thesis topic submission and mentoring procedure at the Chair for Agricultural Production and Resource Economics can be accessed HERE.


A student is deemed registered for the Master’s colloquium if he/she has earned a minimum of 90 credits in the Master’s program and has successfully completed the Master’s thesis. The module description can be accessed HERE.

The examination should take place no later than two months after the registration date.

The Master’s colloquium is to be held by the supervisor of the Master’s thesis together with a competent observer.

The Master’s colloquium is to be held in the English language.

The Master’s colloquium will, as a rule, last 60 minutes. The student has approx. 30 minutes to present his/her Master’s thesis. This will be followed by an oral defenseextending fromthe subject of the Master’s thesis to the broader discipline to which the Master’s thesis belongs.

The Master’s colloquium is deemed successfully completed if it is graded with at least “Sufficient” (4.0). If the Master’s colloquium is failed, § 24 (7) of the APSO will apply.

Three credits will be awarded for the Master’s colloquium.